Loft Conversions

Some answers that will convince you about a loft conversion.

Why Loft Conversion ?

  • It gives additional headroom so offers versatile rooms.
  • The additional headroom means existing lofts with restricted space can be converted.
  • It is particular suitable for an extra bedroom with an en-suite bathroom
  • It gives much needed light as well as extra space.
  • It gives a view over the surrounding area unlike skylights
  • It comes in styles that suit traditional and modern properties
  • It protects your existing roof by building to the side, rear or front.

Estate agents say that an extra bedroom can add 10-20% to the value of a property.


If you are looking to make the most of your home’s roof space, Floor and Wall GMPC can design and build a spacious study area or a luxurious bedroom for your loft.

A loft conversion can be perfect for a big or growing family, adding a new bedroom for a new family member or a study that allows you to work from home.