The importance of an extension project for your property.

We know very well how important Is for you when it comes to accommodate new family members coming into the world.

An extension can always prove to be the perfect solution when youwant to add more living space to your home.

Our company have a lot of experience in the design and construction of house extensions that will add more space to your home. Our dedication to quality means our team gives complete attention throughout each stage of the extension to ensure the completed project is of the highest standard.

There are a lot of possibilities that can be designed for your extension, from garage conversions to double story extensions.


Our Company can undertake extensions for:

  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Double Storey Extensions
  • Garage Extensions
  • Bedroom Extensions

We take care of the entire project, from the concept to completion, giving you the complete assurance that each stage is carefully undertaken by our skilled team.We appreciate that having the construction process of your extension can be somewhat disruptive, so each stage is carefully planned for your ease and comfort.